What brings you back here?

We’ve both moved on yet something still brings you back here.

What is it you’re looking for? Strength from my sadness, or pain through my happiness?

Do you miss me? Think of me, talk of me?

Or am I just another memory in your life?

What is it you’re after? 

What do you want from me..

Even writing these posts have become a chore for me.. knowing my audience.. 


Part 7…

“I’m sorry.”

I read the text again.

The words remain.

“I’m sorry.”

Was this some sick joke?

I ignore it. Lock my phone screen.

My homepage lights up again.

“I have to see you.”

I laugh to myself. This was becoming a joke.

What am I supposed to say?

I put my phone on silent. And hide it under my pillow.

I close my eyes.

Please let me fall asleep.

My mind wanders.

I have to know what he wants.

I check my phone. There’s an array of messages.

“I know you’re ignoring me.”

“I was upset.”

“Just see me for ten minutes.”

I reply. I want to see him too.

“Leave me alone.”

That’s how my mind works. 

“Ten minutes is all I need.”

This was gonna work two ways.

1 – he’s playing a game.

2 – he won’t turn up.

Well.. I guess it’s worth a try?

“Ok – ten minutes.”


“Yes, really.”

I laugh to myself. I know in my heart he won’t turn up.

But that’s okay. I was going to sleep anyway.

But five minutes later, my phone vibrates.

“I’m outside your back garden.”

My heart stops.

He can’t be.

I run to the window and look. But the street lights are off.. it’s hard to see.

I ignore the text.

He has to be lying.

“Are you coming?”

“You’re lying. And I’m going to sleep.”

My hearts racing.

I know he would never come to my door. 

But why would he lie?

“Alright cool.”

It doesn’t make any sense.

And suddenly.. I hear footsteps coming up the front path.

My security light switches on.

I don’t want to look out the window.

I refuse to.

I hear a rustle and my phone vibrates again.

The footsteps become quieter. As if.. they’re walking away.

“I’ve left you something outside. Take care.”

Anxiety overtakes me.

He was outside my door.

He came to my house to see me.

And I didn’t even acknowledge him.

I check my window. The street lights are still off.

It’s still dark.

I leave my room and creep down the stairs quietly. Cautious not to wake anyone up.

How would I explain this?

I open my front door. The cold air hits me. I begin to shiver. The darkness is terrifying. 

But sure enough.

There on the ledge of the window.

Was a small plastic bag.

I reach inside..

And pull out a small cupcake laced with pink icing and the words “I’m sorry” iced in white.

I smile.

Close the door.

And run up to my room with a warmth in my heart.

What was he doing to me?

Part 6…

Time passes by.

The memory of you begins to fade.

But your sudden departure leaves me in shock.

Consistent questions running through my head.

But as my luck has it…

Any other time and I would’ve hated living so locally to someone I was interested in.

But you.. I wanted to see you.

And there you were.

I only saw you from behind. Sitting on the stairs. Smoking. But I knew it was you.


You jump. Turn around.

You look at me blankly. And turn back around.

You throw your cigarette on the floor and get up to walk away.

This just didn’t make any sense. I was frustrated. What was happening?

“Why are you being like this?”

You snort. Or at least I think you do.

You continue to walk away.

I’m left alone. In shock.

But no more then I was when you turned around again.

“Now you know how it feels when someone plays games with your feelings.”

Your words were cold. Your expression was blank. You said nothing more.

And left me. Speechless.

Part 5…

It had been a week.

And yet I found my mind filled with thoughts of you.


A blunt but easy message. Nothing could go wrong right?


Something did go wrong.

My message bounced back.


I laugh. Stupid phone.

I click send again.

Ping. Message undelivered.


I call the number. 

“The number you are calling is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

That’s when it hit me.


He’d blocked me.

What on earth?

A brief but pleasurable encounter and he blocks me.

Something didn’t add up…

Part 4…

“Would you like something to drink?”

We approach the park, and you stop momentarily.

I become aware that youre walking slightly ahead of me. 

You point towards a local shop.

“I’m just gonna get the bread.. why don’t I meet you there?”

I become a little lost words.

Were you ashamed of being seen with me? Surely not. After all this time of trying to talk to me, and now you don’t want to be seen with me?

I shake the thought from my head. Don’t be stupid. He just wants to buy bread.

“Sure.. il meet you there.”

Aware that I had absolutely no idea where I was going. I let my feet do the walking.. 

The air becomes icey, yet the park was buzzing with children in their school uniform. The fields were alive with the excitement of family dogs.

Letting the air into my lungs, I immediately feel at ease. Why had I never been here before?

Kicking at the gravel for five minutes, I realise I’ve walked into the middle of nowhere. There was no lake, no pond. I had no idea where I was.

I sit down on a bench, not wanting to get lost any further.

I pull out my phone.. wondering.. would he call to find out where I was? 

What if..

My mind goes on overdrive with panicking thoughts.

What if he doesn’t turn up?

What if.. what if he does turn up? What if he takes me to the lake and there’s no one there? What if he has no intention of feeding the ducks?

What was I doing?

As the realisation hits of the possibilities of what could happen.. I decide that I wouldn’t stick around. I couldn’t possibly put myself in this situation.

I stand up abruptly.. you know, obviously without looking up.

And there I go.. knocking my head into your nose.


You shout obscenities and keel over holding your nose.


Did I just break your nose?

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” 

I grab hold of your back and try to pull you up.

You uncover your nose and start laughing.

“Your face!”

You laugh harder, staring at me.

I blush, aware that you had just fooled me.

“You’re hard headed il give you that, but my nose has been through worse.”

You give me a slight nudge on the shoulder and I realise you’re being playful. Gently playful. I nudge you back and you immediately lean over to me.

I panic and step back. I raise my hands to push you away.

“Woah. Calm down. I dropped the bread behind you. I’m not going to kiss you.”

You break out in laughter again. Once you were holding the bread in your hand.

I realise I had made a fool out of myself. Again.

I cover my face and try to calm myself down.

Apologetic, I take a deep breath and cringe before I drop my hands.

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine.” You smile – with your shiny teeth again.

I smirk once I see them.

You close your mouth with embarrassment.

This could get fun.

You keep your distance. Aware that I’m being slightly awkward. Leading me to the lake.

You talk about my work. My family. My home. My hobbies. My life. My love life.

I ask about yours.

In the next ten minutes or so, I learn enough about you to know that you would be special to me.

I learn of your sisters passing and you struggling to bring up your nephew. I learn of your younger sisters divorce. I learn that you had been relieved of your career due to mental health issues. I learn of your struggles with money, with heartbreak.. with drug addiction.

I learn of your weaknesses.

And as your closing argument comes to a finish, you kneel on the floor and light up a cigarette.

“I’ve never opened up to someone like that before. I’ve never made it sound real before.”

I don’t say a word.

I don’t judge you by your experience, but I acknowledge your pain.

And in that instance I made a friend.

As I sit down beside you, you look over to me.

“I think me and you.. wer gonna be okay.”

You smile.

I smirk again at your shiny teeth.

And this time.

You smile bigger.

“Take a good look. Get all your laughs out now!”

I laugh at you. You laugh back.

In that moment I forget everything.

I forget that I’m alone with a stranger, deep in the neck of the woods, next to a cold lake.

I forget that this was a guy who I thought was a psychopath.

And at once, I let myself be at ease with you.

I’d made a friend in you. A friend while feeding the ducks. 

“Thank you for giving me the chance to spend time with you.”

“It’s been a pleasure.”

Part 3…

My walks are usually calm and relaxing.

But that day, it felt different.

That day, the lack of company was overwhelming.

I just didn’t want to be alone.

And as luck would have it.. your voice broke my thoughts.

You call my name.

I looked over to you, sitting on your bike in the middle of the road.

“How about today, you give me the time of day?” You winked at me and smiled.

I smiled back.

“You’re right. Let’s do something.”

Your smile dropped as the shock hits you at what I just said. I almost laugh, but wanted you to know I was deadly serious. I held your look.

You almost fell off your bike.

“Yes! That would be great! Let’s go.. let’s go feed the ducks!”

You stuttered. Awkwardly. Like a little child. Clearly shocked at my outburst.

I was a little taken aback by your suggestion.

Feed the ducks?

I’m not three.

“Sure.. let’s go feed the ducks.”

Part of me believed you were joking. The other part thought it was cute how naive you were.

Either way – I was going to go with you. To feed the ducks. 

Part 2

No doubt we would run into each other again.

I just didn’t expect it so soon.

“Good morning.”

You smile and nod in my direction from across the road.

I smile back.

You face drops.

“You’re avoiding me.”

I giggle.

“It’s not like that.”

Of course it’s like that, you psychopath.

“I know I was too much too soon…”

Immediately I feel empathy towards you.

It wasn’t your fault.

It wasn’t your fault I was a cold rotten bitch.

It wasn’t your fault, you were just being incredibly sweet.

I sigh.

“It’s fine. I guess I was just a bit taken aback.”

You look at your feet and start kicking stones.

“I’m sorry.”

Your apology takes me by surprise.

I have an urge to hug you.

“Let’s start again.” I extend a hand, offering warmth and friendship.

You grin so wide, and I notice your teeth are laced with silver. 

I squint. What on earth?

You immediately notice. Close your mouth, and try your best not to laugh.

“Don’t ask. Mistakes of the youth.” 

You give me a sly wink and walk away.

“Il see you soon.”

With nothing but a wave and a cheeky smile.

You leave me standing..


What on earth have I let myself into?

Part 1.

“I like cake.”

Great. Who’s this guy?

“Do you like cake?”

I like peace.

I smile.

“Sure. I need to be somewhere. Thanks for the tea.”

I stand up to leave. Turn my back on him.

“I don’t mean to sound creepy…”

You sound creepy. Please stop talking.

I stop and turn towards him.

I smile politely.

Can he tell how frustrated I am right now with the conversation?

“I think I know you.”

I sigh.

Realise it’s just another cheesy chat up line and walk to leave.

“Wait.. you live on the estate.”

I stop.

This is creepy. I was nowhere near home. How does he know that?

I turn around and this time take a proper look at him.

He was dressed to the toe wearing Nike. Full on sports clothing, and yet he was a waiter at the cafe. Were they allowed to do that?

“Okay… and how do you know that?”

He pulls off his hat.

The recognition hits.


He grins.

“You recognise me.”

I let out a huge breath.

“You’re hard to forget.”

Speak no lies.

“If I told you I had feelings for you, what would you do?”

I scratch the table nervously. Tell you I had feelings for you too?

“Id laugh in your face.”

Your face drops, you pull your sleeves over your hands.. you laugh nervously. You look at your hands. I look at the table.


Okay? Okay what? Do you have feelings or not?

I look at your face. You look at the fields. I take a big sigh. Your attention turns towards me.

I burst.

“It’s clear you’re playing games. It’s obvious you don’t have feelings.”

Your eyebrows raise. You don’t say a word.

“You’re fake. Nothing but a liar. Looking for a way to make me attached to you.”

Your jaw tightens. Your body tenses.

“You’re not even gonna deny it? I knew it.”

“No im not going to deny it.”

“I guess that’s it then – let’s go home.”

Fight for me. Ask me to stay. Tell me I’m being stupid.

“I’m done here – let’s go.”

You walk away. You lean against your car and start playing with your phone. You don’t look up.

I walk towards mine. You don’t say a word.

“You’re an absolute asshole.”

You acknowledge my words. You unlock the door. And drive away.

I stand there speechless. It’s getting dark. The air is getting cold. I unlock my car and sit alone.

Five minutes pass – I call you.

“What do you want?”

Your voice is cold.

“Let’s not leave it like this.”

I speak softly. My words calm.

“I can’t stand your insults.”

“Come back – let’s talk.”


I wait for the murmur of your car and see the raindrops fall softly on my windows. 

I shake nervously.

Could this be it.

Your car pulls up. You open the door. And you wait for me to come to you.

I take a deep breath.

“Tell me what you want from me?”

Your anger is burning. I see fury in your eyes. I see your body tense.

“How much do you think a man can take? I’ve had enough. Enough of the pain, enough of the hurt, enough of being told I’m fake. I don’t want this. I don’t want you. I’ve had enough of giving too much of a shit about you. I’m done. I hate you. I don’t give a shit about you. I never want to see you again.”

My knees go weak. My body starts to shake.

“Say something!”

My voice breaks.


The words come out, but they’re lost in translation. The tears follow, my legs buckle. I lean against my car and put my head in my hands.

I feel your arms around me and you pull me close.

You bury your head in my shoulder.

“I’m sorry.”

You’re mumbling.. I let you speak.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I’m so hurt right now, I can’t even tell you. My heart physically aches when you do this to me. How pathetic is that? My heart is aching and all I wanna do is scream at you. I’m sorry for the things I said.. I’m angry. I still am. You just don’t get it.”

I hold you tight. Not wanting to let go. Wanting to stay safe here.. 

your body relaxes… I feel myself relax too. I start laughing.. you start laughing too.

“This is pathetic.” I whisper through tears.

“I know – we really are.”

I pull away. Aware of my make up running and your white t shirt.

You pull me towards you.


“I don’t want to get make up on your shirt.”

“I don’t care. Just as long as it’s not snot.”

I laugh and you laugh too.

We stay a little longer.

“You’re nothing but poison for me.”

My heart hurts by your words but you’re right.. you will do nothing but hurt me..

I hold your head in my hands and look direct in your face.

“I have feelings for you too.”

You close your eyes. Lean yourself into my hands.

“We can’t do this.”

“I know.”

You pull away from me and hold my hands while looking me direct in the eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too.”

With nothing more than a sigh and a squeeze of the hands, you walked to the car and sat there with your head in your hands.

I walked to mine and we sat in silence.

We knew we would never see each other again.


Degraded to a level that I don’t love myself. I don’t love anything about myself..

Pathetic. Loser. Weak. Weirdo. Psycho. Disgrace. Joke. Failure. Selfish. Shallow. Stupid. Irresponsible. Immature. Boring.

My nights have become complete terrors now. I can’t hold back the tears.

This is no longer a question of my divorce, and how my husband didn’t want me.

I have a battle with myself everyday. I don’t even know where to start. 

I can’t talk to people, I can’t look them in the face. I want to smile at people, make someone’s day, meet new people – but all I can do is look away and keep to myself.

I wanna see the world and become something – but all I can do is cry myself to sleep.

I’m losing my will here.. I don’t know how to be a good person, a successful person, a happy person.

I don’t know how not to feel so alone. I don’t know how to make people like me. I don’t know how to like myself.

This is getting hard. Life is getting way too hard.

People joke and question – why don’t you just kill yourself?

Because I wouldn’t even be able to do that.. I’m a failure in life, failure in love, failure as a person..

I don’t know how to fix myself..