Dry/itchy/spotty skin?

I’m not going to claim to be an expert cos I am FAR from it.. there’s such a variety of products and techniques for different types of skin, it’s incredibly hard to find something to suit everyone.

Im going to give a few pointers on what helped me relieve that horrible itchy feeling!

Drink lots of water!

I used to be allergic to water (psychologically) but it honestly makes all the difference. It’s known to clear out the toxins and bacteria, and also providing a natural moisturising agent.

Avoid using fragranced make up wipes

..or if you can avoid using any type of wipes.. I personally feel like wipes just move the dirt around on your face. I used make up wipes for eye make up just because I hate using any type of liquidy make up due to having extremely sensitive eyes

Natural Products

This ones by far my favourite to do! Not only are you not using toxicated products with the fear of breaking out in spots, the feeling afterwards is incredible. The particular routine I used was as follows.

  1. Make sure you have a clean dry face to start with.
  2. Mixing sugar with a little water, exfoliate all over your face and rinse clean.
  3. Dipping a face cloth into steaming water (don’t burn yourselves) place the cloth over your face for a few minutes or so.
  4. Rinse your face
  5. Prepare a mask – (hot chocolate, coffee granules, honey – don’t know exact quantities) – leave on for 15 minutes
  6. As sticky and messy as it sounds – the results are impeccable!

Baby Products

This ones a bit of a weird one and I’m surprised no ones ever recommend it to me before. I tried Clinique, Clarin, L’Oréal moisturisers and then accidentally came across some baby rash cream in an emergency. It wasn’t fragranced, it didn’t irritate my skin and managed to do the job pretty well.

The one I used was Sudocream but E45 and Aveeno are great too.

Not an expert again.. but tips that have worked for me! 🙈




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