December 2016 Buys!

Yes I hit the sales but like a true beauty addict, I just ended up buying all full price items. This post is dedicated to purely beauty items with honest reviews!

Mac Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick – £15.50

I’ve wanted this for a while but I always get really cautious with lipstick colours.. nothing seems to suit me! But as my first Mac lipstick purchase, it has to be my favourite in terms of texture and quality. The colour isn’t very wintery and seems to make my face look grey, but will save it for the Summer!

Mac Paint Pot Soft Ochre – £16

I heard about this a while ago as being a good primer/concealer for people with dark eyes. I tried it initially but it really greyed out my eyes as my eyes are super pigmented. So will try colour correcting before I put this on, but still it did the job of leaving an even coat of colour on my eyes so I’m super excited about this one.

Bare Minerals Setting Powder – £21

I had my obsession with super glowy and dewey foundation but I thought now is the time to come back to earth and go back to matte again. It just seems to be less hassle. So instead of forking out another £30 quid or so on another high end foundation, I thought I’d fork out money for a product to make my foundation go matte and I found this product. Now I did ask the lady in Boots for advice and her suggestion was to go for a light colour as it didn’t leave an ashy look when you applied it.. I beg to differ. Ive got olive skin and I don’t think the light to medium shade did me any favours at all. However the powder itself is great and has a really lovely finish. 

The Body Shop – Bouncy Sleeping Mask (£12?)

My. Favourite. Purchase. Ever.

The Body Shop staff have to be the most helpful people I’ve ever come across in a beauty store. I walked in and said I have really dull and boring skin and she immediately recommended this to me. I thought oh god.. she’s just trying to sell the new range. But she gave me a good healthy sample and told me to try it for a few days and I’d see the difference myself. And sure enough I did.

My skin definitely feels amazing since trying this. I have really itchy and dry skin but after sleeping in this – my skin feels like a baby bottom – definitely recommend this!

YSL Black Opium – £30

My first sale purchase woo! I’m a big fan of Jimmy Choo perfumes but really wanted to try something new this time around – this one definitely matches the quality of Jimmy Choo! It smells AMAZING! 😍

I also had a few other purchases but I’d rather swatch those rather than just review them.. hope you enjoyed the read 🙂




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