He worshipped the ground I walked on.

Every penny he had was to feed me. Every moment he had spare, he protected me.

He prayed for me. He loved me.

He was insanely jealous, he respected me.

It hurt him to leave me. He could never go a day without telling me he loved me.

He left his family for me. He asked about my family eternally although having never met them.

He made me laugh. He never made me feel beneath him.

He made me feel special. He liked holding me.

He dreamed of having a family with me.. he dreamed of running away with me.

His friends treated me like a sister. They cared for me.

He hated arguing with me, he just wanted to be happy.

He loved me.. he really loved me. And I would die for a love like that again.

7 years is too late to apologise… I regret taking it for granted knowing that no person could love anyone like that. I don’t believe I could love anyone the way he loved me.

Love the one who loves you. They would do ANYTHING for you. 


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