Before anyone else..

I’m still living in this dream world where one day il live in hope that this has all just been a nightmare and I don’t have to deal with losing you.

I know you’re not mine anymore and you don’t read these anymore. Most days I forget you, most days I’m so happy but it’s tonight. Tonight I’m crashing and I miss you.

I want to tell myself I loved you just cos I was attached but I wasn’t. How can I be so happy in life and yet feel so incomplete?

It doesn’t bother me that you’re moving on or you don’t have feelings.. at the end of the day this is how it was supposed to end. It’s so easy to have feelings for someone else.. I know because it’s happened to me. But I can’t force myself to forget you. I just can’t stop missing you.

Just lying with you for a night is perfect for me. Have stupid jokes, being tangled in your arms and hearing you giggle seeing you smile has become such a fond memory of mine.

I’m glad you’re happy.. I want nothing but good for you. I’m glad things are going well for your family too..

I hope everyone makes this day great for you. I hope you’re treated like a king and you get all the love that I wish I could give you.

Be happy my lovely.. happy birthday ❤️


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