Part 1.

“I like cake.”

Great. Who’s this guy?

“Do you like cake?”

I like peace.

I smile.

“Sure. I need to be somewhere. Thanks for the tea.”

I stand up to leave. Turn my back on him.

“I don’t mean to sound creepy…”

You sound creepy. Please stop talking.

I stop and turn towards him.

I smile politely.

Can he tell how frustrated I am right now with the conversation?

“I think I know you.”

I sigh.

Realise it’s just another cheesy chat up line and walk to leave.

“Wait.. you live on the estate.”

I stop.

This is creepy. I was nowhere near home. How does he know that?

I turn around and this time take a proper look at him.

He was dressed to the toe wearing Nike. Full on sports clothing, and yet he was a waiter at the cafe. Were they allowed to do that?

“Okay… and how do you know that?”

He pulls off his hat.

The recognition hits.


He grins.

“You recognise me.”

I let out a huge breath.

“You’re hard to forget.”


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