The words I cannot say.

I know You know what I’m thinking but I can not turn to You.

I can not face You and I can not beg for mercy for the mistakes I’ve made.

I am not worthy of the gift You gave me and I threw it back in Your face. I am not a worthy believer.

I did not deserve all that You gave me and I do not know how to face You again.

I’m scared of the tests You will bestow with me next. I don’t believe I’m capable of putting up with anymore.

I now know the answer to “why me?” I do not blame anybody but myself.

I want to face it before I’m too late but it’s never enough. My heart doesn’t want it, my heart doesn’t want this.

You may watch me break and fall but I will not come return to You.

This dunya was not designed for me. I was not made to cope with this.

Give me the strength to leave this mentality and bring me back to You. Give me hope in my life.

Ya Allah. Save me from leaving You. 


Real love.

How do you know when love is real? How do you know when what you’re feeling isn’t just another fling, it’s not a crush, it’s not an obsession, it’s not lust?

You just know.

For a long time I really believed that love didn’t exist. I’ve seen so many people love and get hurt and spend their nights crying and their days plotting on revenge..

And that’s exactly how I spent my first few months after I left him too..

but something changed.. I don’t know when and I don’t know how.

everyones always said to me that I place my worth in other people. If I don’t find it in one, il look for someone else and place it in them.. I did this too. And it worked. All for about two minutes.

it was probably in late September that it hit me.. six months after I left him. I didn’t love him cos he gave me a sense of loving, I just loved him because of him. And even though he didn’t appreciate me in that moment.. I wasn’t going to place my self worth in someone else’s hands and expect them to love me instead. And live happily ever after.

they tell me he’s moving on, he’s looking for someone else. Alhamdulilah good for him.. I’m glad he’s moving on. They ask me why I’m waiting for him and I tell them honestly that I’m not.

It hurts me that my future with him is over but what can I do.. it doesn’t hurt me that he’s moving on. Just because he’s ready to move on doesn’t mean I am.

Il watch him move on, I’m happy he has a future with someone else. But I don’t want to.. I’m not going to hurt someone else by being either being a bad wife or not being able to love them the way I love him. I know what I’m doing and it’s not a decision I’ve made in vain.. it’s been hard but I know it’s right for me. I truly believe I loved him as wholly as possible because Allah destined him for me. Just because our story was short, doesn’t mean it wasn’t to be. I just believe that I’m not meant for anyone else. And I’m happy to accept that.

thats how I know il never love another man like him and he will always be my first. The only man who I would happily lose just so I could see him smile again.. even if that meant watching him give someone else everything I ever asked for.

Love isn’t destructive and love sure as hell doesn’t hurt. It struggles but it always puts the other person first. And to do that without hurting is so incredibly mind blowing – that you can only call it love.

But the way he made me feel is something that is stuck inside me like the blood running through my veins.

The comfort I felt when he held me was like I was home. There was no emptiness inside me, no anxiety of the future, no overthinking in the past. It was him in that moment, the moment I was home.

The kindness of him kissing my forehead. To tell me he needed nothing in return, nothing but a simple sign of affection. Which was enough. It was enough to keep me hooked and engulfed in his smell. The smell of his neck. The fresh smell of his skin.

It was the warmth of his hands enveloping my fingers. Taking in every part of my hand. Blanketing my skin with the feel of his, stroking the base of my wrist with his thumb.

It was his head resting on my chest. Feeling like he belonged to me. The false sense of security, of love. Thinking he was mine.

That’s what runs through my veins like blood. Everyday like a cycle. My heart pumps out for more.. And it can’t let go of the way he made me feel.

The end is near..

Imagine standing on a glass floor.

Underneath the glass floor is a drop of a thousand miles.. And you can’t see where it ends.

You avoid the floor. You’re always cautious when you walk over it and you live in constant fear that one day it’s going to break and you will fall.. You will fall and you don’t know how the fall will end.

One day the glass starts to crack and you realise the end is near. The glass floor won’t last.. Your fall is inevitable. You have to let go.

But you refuse. You grab hold of the walls, hurting yourself in the process. You’re screaming, you become weak. But you don’t won’t to let go.

The walls begin to crumble and your fingers can’t hold on any longer. You realise, the inevitable is here.

It’s over.. 

You let go.

You let yourself.

This thousand mile drop.

Hurting yourself along the way. It’s painful, it’s killing you.

But you’re facing it. You’re not living in fear anymore. You’re taking the pain as it comes. You know eventually the pain will finish.

And then the drop ends.. And you realise.. It’s not a painful end. It doesn’t end in death.. You’re in a room.. The floor is made out of cushions. You’ve landed softly.

The pain is still in you. You are still hurting from the fall.

But you no longer live in fear that the glass will break.

Face life’s difficulties.

With every difficulty comes ease inshAllah!



“Today is the day that I live in hope to meet you again. So I celebrate in happiness. But I also wish to apologise.

I wish to apologise for putting my dreams before your happiness. Sorry for every time I have ever broken your heart and never tried to make it up to you.

But most of all I’m sorry for those moments that I forgot to tell you how much I love you and how amazing I think you are.

The honest reason why I never said this to you? Because I thought I always had tomorrow to show you I appreciate you.. But I was wrong. After you went, the time I took for granted went as well.

That’s why I always say. Time means now. If you want to love, love now. If you want to hold her hand, do it now. If you want to apologise, then ask for forgiveness now. If you want to forgive, forgive now.

Or like me youl be sitting there, writing on your blog, asking for forgiveness from someone who’s already gone. And they’ll never have a chance to know the things that you never said.”

– quoted by Unknown. ❤️

What killed the frog?

Put a frog into a pan and start boiling the water.

As the temperature of the water begins to rise, the frog adjusts it’s body temperature accordingly.

The frog keeps adjusting its body temperature with the increasing temperature of the water. Just when the water has reached boiling point, the frog cannot take anymore and decides to jump out.

The frog tries to jump out but is unable to do so because it has lost all its strength in adjusting with the rising water temperature.

Very soon the frog dies.

What killed the frog?

Think about it.. I know many of us will say the boiling water. But the truth about what killed the frog was its own inability to decide when to jump.

We all need to adjust with people and situations. But we need to be sure when it’s necessary to adjust or whether it’s necessary to move on. There are times when we need to face the situation and take appropriate actions.

If we allow people to exploit us physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually or mentally they will continue to do so.

Let us decide when to jump. Let’s jump while we still have the strength!